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Swift Treatment for Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can be a very stubborn problem, but Midwest Podiatry Centers is proud to provide a new, technologically advanced, effective, and more comfortable treatment for surface-based skin lesions, primarily warts.

What are Plantar Warts?

“Plantar” means “of the sole” in Latin. Plantar warts typically appear on the underside of the foot around the base of the toes, forefoot, or heel.

Warts take the appearance of rough, grainy lesions, often accompanied by hard or thickened skin. You might also see tiny black dots within the wart, which are small clotted blood vessels.

Plantar warts do not always cause pain, but can become painful or tender if they develop in areas of the foot where large amounts of pressure are applied.

The cause of plantar warts is an infection from a strain of the human papillomavirus in the upper layers of the skin. The virus is well protected from surface-based treatments, and is also close enough to the surface of the skin to avoid detection by the body’s immune system.

How Does Swift Treat Warts?

Swift is a cutting-edge technology that has proven to be highly effective in the removal of plantar warts.

The treatment delivers a low dose of microwave energy through a specialized probe, targeting and treating the embedded virus.

Instead of attacking the virus through cutting, burning, or freezing, Swift creates a disturbance of the cells in the area of a wart. This stimulates the immune system to focus on that area and attack the virus itself.

Swift gets to the root cause of plantar warts in a way previous treatments have been unable to accomplish:

  • It does not damage healthy skin, leaving no cuts or potential for scarring.
  • It is much less painful, with discomfort only arising during each 2-second dose of energy and ceasing immediately afterward.
  • It requires no preparation or aftercare. You are free to continue with your day immediately after each session, with no need for bandages.
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What to Expect with Swift Treatment

A full course of Swift treatment typically requires 3-4 sessions, each spaced about 4 weeks apart. Each session lasts only 5-10 minutes.

During each session, the skin over a wart will be lightly debrided (no broken skin or bleeding will occur) and a dose of microwave energy will be applied directly to each wart. That is all there is to each session.

For more information on Swift and how it compares to traditional methods, visit

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A Better Solution for Plantar Warts

If you are seeking to get rid of plantar warts on your feet, Midwest Podiatry Centers is here to help. The longer you let warts go unaddressed, the more likely they are to persist and spread.

Call us at (612) 788-8778 or to schedule an appointment with us. Our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.