Foot & Ankle Surgery

At Midwest Podiatry, our goal is to work with you to develop a plan of care that best suits your goals, your foot/ankle condition, and your personal needs.

Our work-ups include in-depth discussions with our patients, thorough foot and ankle examinations, and possibly x-rays or advanced imaging to gain a full understanding of the situation. While we may exhaust all other non-surgical options for some patients, we may recommend quicker surgical correction for others.

Our goal is to get you back on your feet and back to normal function as soon as possible, and in a manner that suits your personal wants and needs!

If you suffer from persistent pain in your heels or arches, you are far from alone. We see a great many patients with these symptoms.

Yet for as straightforward as this type of pain might feel on the surface, the potential causes and factors behind it are numerous. Determining the root (or roots) of the problem is the key to finding the most effective treatment, and why we always recommend coming to see us for chronic heel or arch pain. The longer pain goes without being properly addressed, the more likely it will become worse or more challenging over time.

Common Forms of Foot & Ankle Surgery

Surgical procedures can have many different goals, including relieving a source of consistent pain, restoring balance and stability, or eliminating a recurring problem.

Several types of surgical procedures performed regularly in our practice include:

  • Bunion Surgery. Procedures with the intent of relieving bunion symptoms, and/or slowing or stopping the progression of a bunion. Different procedures can involve cutting the bone, realigning the joint of the big toe, or replacing the joint with screws and metal plates, among other actions.
  • Ankle Surgery. The ankle is a crucial joint, and sometimes surgical intervention is needed to relieve pain or regain mobility against conditions such as trauma and arthritis. Different procedures within the ankle may include ligament reconstruction, fracture repair, cartilage repair and joint replacement. In some severe cases, the ankle may be fused, reducing pain at the cost of some limits to joint motion. Similar procedures may be recommended for other joints within the foot experiencing similar situations.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Decompression. When the posterior tibial nerve is compressed within the tarsal tunnel which runs along the inside of the ankle, a procedure may be necessary to release the nerve and relieve the pain.
  • Achilles Tendon Repair/Reconstruction. When the Achilles tendon has severely torn or fully ruptured, surgery will likely be required to restore the tendon.
  • Arthritis.
  • Cartilage Injuries.
  • Flatfeet.
  • Foot Fractures.
  • Hammertoes.
  • Ligament Instability.
  • Neuromas.
  • Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Ruptured Tendons.
  • Tailor’s Bunion.

Many other surgical procedures exist—too many to name here. If surgery is considered for your case, we will be sure to discuss all of the potential options with you.

foot in cast

What Should I Expect from a Surgical Procedure?

While all surgeries will have some different expectations, it is always important to fully understand what should happen before, during, and after the procedure.

Are there certain ways you may need to prepare before a procedure, such as taking or refraining from certain medications, or not eating?

How long is the procedure expected to take? Will you require someone to assist you when arriving to our office or coming home from the surgery?

How long is recovery expected to take? Will you need to prepare your home (or other recovery location) in certain ways to make it more comfortable for you and less stressful on your surgery site?

Your care from us does not begin and end with the procedure itself. We will fully discuss all elements of your surgery, including pre-op and post-op matters, and provide follow-up support and care. It’s important that you not only heal fully and properly, but engage in any rehabilitation necessary to return to full strength, reducing your risks of future problems.

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Expert Care

Every Step of the Way

Whether surgery or more conservative treatment methods are best for your specific situation, you must take the first step and seek help for your pain or discomfort.

We have multiple offices throughout the greater Minneapolis area, ready to serve your foot and ankle needs. Schedule an appointment by calling (612) 788-8778, or request an appointment via our online contact form.