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Why Swift is Superior for Getting Rid of Plantar Warts

If you’ve ever struggled with plantar warts in the past, the treatment options that were presented to you at the time were probably not especially appealing. Freezing, burning, or surgically scooping warts out of the feet can often cause long periods of pain, as well as post-treatment bleeding, bandaging, and other hassles. 

But there is a new way to get rid of plantar warts, and Midwest Podiatry Centers is proud to exclusively provide Swift Microwave Treatment to our patients!

Swift offers many benefits that more traditional methods of plantar wart treatments can’t, making it our top recommendation for most cases. Below you will learn what Swift provides that other treatments do not.

Swift is Much Less Painful

Swift Treatment works by administering a low dosage of microwave energy into the site of a wart. This triggers a minor cellular disruption that signals the body’s immune system to the area, where it will attack the virus that caused the wart.

While some patients do report a small amount of discomfort as the energy is applied – it only lasts for a few seconds and ends as soon as application stops. With Swift treatment, you won’t be hobbling around for the rest of the day on sore feet!

For adults and children who require plantar wart treatment and are more sensitive to pain, we highly recommend Swift.

No Aftercare is Necessary

In addition to eliminating pain, you will not have to worry about bandages or other forms of aftercare following a Swift session. You can get on with your day completely as normal.

Swift Sessions Tend to Be Much Faster

A Swift session typically takes about 10 minutes – this can be a bit longer or shorter depending on how widespread your plantar warts may be. 

A total of 2-4 sessions are usually recommended overall, spread over the course of several weeks.

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You Don’t Have To Worry About Swift Damaging Healthy Skin

With cutting, freezing, or burning treatments for plantar warts, there is always going to be some collateral damage. It’s almost completely unavoidable that some healthy skin will be damaged, and there may even be potential for scarring.

Swift does not cut or otherwise damage the skin, making these concerns are a thing of the past!

Swift is Successful at Getting Rid of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can be stubborn for any form of treatment to successfully resolve, but Swift has been shown to be successful in 85% of cases.

In addition, given that the treatment essentially trains the immune system to attack the virus, it makes your body much more responsive to fighting future infections. In other words, your odds of plantar warts coming back in the future are greatly reduced!

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Swift Treatment

Let’s Get Rid of Your Plantar Warts For Good

Swift is the best choice for plantar warts treatment in most cases. Starting on a treatment course as soon as possible will not only help provide the results you need sooner, but it will also reduce the opportunity for your warts to spread or worsen in the meantime.

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